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7 Jul 2023
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The Benham Charitable Settlement

The Benham Charitable Settlement supports registered charities working in many different fields, including charities involved in medical research, disability and handicap, the elderly, children and young people, the disadvantaged, overseas aid, missions to seamen, the welfare of ex-servicemen, wildlife, the environment and the arts.

The Trust also supports the Church of England, and the work of Christian mission throughout the world. Special emphasis is placed upon those churches and charitable organisations within the County of Northamptonshire, where the Trust was founded by the late Cedric and Hilda Benham.

During the year ended 5 April 2022, the Trust categorised its grant-making under the following headings:

Special Cause (National Association of Youth Clubs).
Medical charities.
Christian Mission (U.K.)
For the Handicapped
Good Causes (General)
Overseas Aid and Mission.
The Aged and Infirm.
Arts and Sport (Local).
Churches (Maintenance), and the
Care of Injured Animals.

During the year, the Trust awarded 76 grants totalling £204,500 (2021: 112 grants totalling £178.000).

The vast majority of grants were for under £2,000, augmented by the occasional higher grant. Charities providing services in Northamptonshire tend to be prioritised for grant support.

A list of all grants of £5,000 or more can be viewed on page 4 of the Trust’s annual accounts,

Please note that the Trust does not have a website, nor does it advertise an email address.. Further information is, however, available on the Charity Commission website.

Applications may be made at any time in writing. The Trust meets every 6 months to review requests for grant support.

Contact details for the Trust are:

The Benham Charitable Settlement
Norfolk Cottage
1 Virginia Drive
Virginia Water
GU25 4RX
0207 6314754
(The Trust does not advertise an email address.)