£2,500 - £5,000
28 Sep 2023
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The Pixel Fund

After suspending its grant-making during COVID, the Pixel Fund reopened its mental health focused grants programme to applications last year and has recently put out a request to encourage applications.

The Pixel Fund provides grants to other charities, including Charitable Incorporated Organisations, based and operating in the UK. Historically, the Fund gave grants to support research and care in the fields of psychological, mental and neurological diseases and disorders.

In 2018 the Trust narrowed its focus to concentrate on improving the mental health and mental wellbeing of children and young adults, and has retained this focus ever since.

The Trust defines young adults as those aged under 25 years old at the start of any granted project or work stream. Where a project includes over 25s, the Fund will consider granting an appropriate percentage of the total costs.

The Trust actively researches suitable charities that would benefit from grants and also receive numerous unsolicited enquiries from potential beneficiaries. They also consider requests for follow-on grants from charities that have been supported by the Pixel Fund previously. It is not, however, the Pixel Fund’s policy to make multi-year commitments. The Pixel Fund actively encourages applications from charities it hasn’t previously funded.

Grants of between £2,500 and £5,000 are generally available for specific projects that will provide a measurable difference to the applicant organisation's users. The Trust will prioritise charities with an annual income of under £2 million.

Some case studies of previous grant recipients are available on the Fund’s website.

Funding is not available for:

o Charities registered overseas or where the project or services is provided overseas.
o Exempt charities
o Independent schools (other than those supporting children with special educational needs)
o Individuals.
o Projects or organisations whose core focus is not on mental health-related matters, or
o Religious organisations

The Fund operates a 4-stage, paperless application process, consisting of:

1, All potential applicants, are advised to complete the Eligibility Checklist.
2. Eligible organisations should contact the Pixel Fund with a brief outline of the organisation and why they need funding. All initial enquiries must be submitted via the web contact form at the Pixel Fund website.
3, Organisations will then be emailed with a request to fill out a due diligence form.
4. Successful organisations will then be invited to completed an online application form.

Please bear in mind, when considering making an application, that it can take 16-20 weeks to complete the application process outlined above.

Further information, guidance and an online application form is available on the Fund’s website. Applications may be made at any time.

Contact details for the Fund are:

The Secretary

The Pixel Fund

9 Southlands Road



Email: admin@pixelfund.org.uk

(The Trust does not advertise a phone number.)