For those aged 14 and over with a special educational need and or disability

IF YOU ARE aged 14 and over, you can have a yearly check-up at your doctors surgery

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Annual Health Chk

If you would like to join the Learning Disability Register, please contact your doctors surgery.

If you would like to book an Annual Health Check please contact your doctors surgery.

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What is learning register




We - young people from The Chatterbox Project have helped NHS Dorset to make this journey easier for YOU.

What My Health Check Should Include:

We like this resource because:

- It gives disabled people an idea of what to expect during their health checks which can relieve certain anxieties.

- It ensures young people are aware of the services they should be receiving and are entitled to.

- It informs the young person of what they should bring with them so they can prepare and be organised for their appointment.


GP Appointments

GP Appointments

We like this resource because:

- It provides extremely useful information about GP appointments and health checks.

- It is all in one easy-read document meaning people do not have to research and find different resources to answer these questions.

- It answers questions young people may not have even thought of which allows them to be able to get all information they could need.


A Letter from a young person to a Learning Disability champion

We like this resource because:

- It offers young people a clear way to be able to contact with their GP surgeries.

- It aids young people with learning disabilities who may struggle to form a message/email.

- It ensures all the important information is included.

Download the letter and send to your GP

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