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About Organisation

We are ACTS FAST and we support families who have experienced significant childhood trauma.

We help families who have been affected by childhood sexual abuse, deal with the impacts of the traumatic experiences and help them grow again so that everyone can have a brighter future. The impact of Child sexual (CSA) is of course devastating, and disclosures often come like an exploding atom bomb, out of the blue. It can significantly impact every corner of a family’s life – they will never be the same again. The good news though is that by finding ways to manage the emotions, together we can develop strategies with a family so they can re-gain their hope and see increasingly brighter days ahead.

Our support is always tailored around the family, helping the “secondary victims” of the abuse regain their strength so that they can support their child with therapeutic tools for daily life. We provide support to the child’s family in this way because we know that there is very little specialist support for them. They are often very alone with no one to stand with them. We help them with their own emotions and show parents therapeutic skills to support their child - giving all the family the right environment and the skills to thrive again.

We also support families where a loved one has been involved in accessing indecent images. The dark secret is exposed, often out the blue, and life changes for the rest of the family from that point on. There may be children in the home, as well as the non-offending parent who is left with the devastating shock of what their partner has been accessing online. We’ll stand with the non-offending parent, will always listen to them, and will help support their emotional wellbeing so that they can regain their strength and thrive again. Although very different circumstances, we’ll stand with a family using our expert knowledge and therapeutic skills to compassionately help them navigate their next steps and rebuild their lives.

Some of the types of support we offer:

  • CSA Family Support
  • Therapeutic Support
  • Counselling
  • Support groups

With our support, families are compassionately supported so that what has happened doesn’t have to stop everyone in the family having a brighter future.

Together, we can help families find strength and rebuild their lives for hope filled futures.

For more information about us and the services we provide, please contact us or visit our website.

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