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About Organisation

We help anyone, anywhere in the UK and around the world, get the support they need if crisis strikes.

We offer Free educational workshops for young people. These can be free face-to-face or online we offer effective, easy-to-learn education in an informal style. he British Red Cross designed these free, educational workshops to help you learn vital life skills and build resilience. We cover a range of wellbeing and humanitarian topics and our training workshops can range from creative problem-solving to practical first aid training. Please note: These educational workshops are not accredited courses.

Below are some of the workshop that we offer for Young people (aged 10 – 19)

Youth 1st Aid - participants learn essential first aid skills - building confidence and willingness to help someone in an emergency using everyday objects

Coping with Challenges - this resilience-building workshop uses experiential learning to help young people learn resilience-building skills that help them cope better with the challenges they face.

Empathy + Migration – participants learn about the experience of migration and reasons why people may have to leave home. They focus on developing empathy by putting themselves in the shoes of others and engaging in stories of migration.

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