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About Organisation

Sexual Trauma and Recovery Service (STARS) is a pan-Dorset charity that offers one to one support, free of charge, for anyone of any age or gender, who lives works or studies in Dorset and has experienced any form of sexual violence at any time in their lives. We provide several different types of support including an Independent Sexual Violence Advisor Service, Counselling, a Children and Young People's Service and a Support Line.


A society free from abuse.


Where every survivor of abuse is supported on their journey of recovery and to challenge societal attitudes and views that condone or collude with abuse through awareness, education and training.


  • We will offer specialised services to relieve the suffering and impact of trauma to anyone affected by abuse, in particular sexual violence and/or domestic abuse.
  • We will raise awareness of the impact of trauma, rape, sexual violence and domestic abuse in the general public and widen the discussion around consent.
  • We will work with organisations, including schools, colleges and universities, to provide education and targeted campaigns on a range of issues, such as consent, sexual violence and abuse.
  • We will work at a local, regional and national level (and in partnership with like-minded organisations) to improve outcomes for survivors of abuse, in particular sexual violence and/or domestic abuse.
  • We will be recognised as a centre of excellence for our training and for our knowledge, experience and expertise in supporting those affected by trauma/abuse.
  • We will campaign to challenge societal attitudes, stigmas, myths and taboos.

STARS Dorset does not work with anyone who has perpetrated sexual violence.

Please do contact us for any information you require about the service and if you are wanting to see any of our policies or provide any feedback, please contact us.

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