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We are a registered charity in West Dorset and we offer FREE creative writing workshops to children aged 7-18 in the West Dorset area of the UK. We want to show children just how far their words and stories can take them, so we work with industry professionals to create inspirational workshops that all have a real world outcome. How about writing a campaign for a cause you feel strongly about and then seeing it made by professionals so you can present it to local government or businesses. What if you wrote some song lyrics, and then are able to see a real musical artist take your words and make it into a real recording you can share with the world. Or how about you become the lead defence lawyer for a special mock trial in a real court house where your persuasive arguments determine whether someone is guilty or not guilty. The possibilities are endless and at The bank of dreams & Nightmares we want to have fun showing children that it all starts with an idea, a story, some words and where that can take you is the exciting part.

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The Bank of Dreams & Nightmares
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