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Building self-belief
The Colour Works Foundation

Year 10 - 12 £189 per session In-person School Offer


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from 2 January 2024 to 31 December 2024


Our Building self-belief programme is aimed at young people aged 15+ whose experience of mainstream education has not enabled them to fulfil their potential, who are NEET or at risk of being NEET, who are socially or economically disadvantaged. The individuals will be selected by the partnering organisation (school, college, or other institution) based on the information about the course and workshops provided by TCWF. Each programme is designed for a maximum of 12 participants.

Through our programme of group workshops and one-to-one coaching, using models and methods that have proven success with private and public sector employers, we cover:

  • Self-Awareness – who am I? What am I great at? What do I struggle with? What inspires me?
  • Self-Management – what frustrates me? Do I react or respond? How well do I present myself? How do I build resilience?
  • Understanding Others – who do I naturally get on with and who not? Why might that be? How might I learn to value the differences?
  • Relationship Skills – how do I come across to others? Who are the critical people in my life? How might I adapt my style to better meet their needs?
  • Decision-Making – do I have a purpose? What help do I need to make better decisions?

The workshops are designed to be highly interactive and engaging, consisting of a mix of group activities, multi media and personal reflection.

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As a participant on the ‘Building self-belief’ programme, by the end of the programme participants will:

  • Have a language to recognise and describe different personality types
  • Be able to confidently articulate their own unique strengths and acknowledge their challenges
  • Recognise their emotional triggers and be able to respond rather than react
  • Be able to express the difficulties associated with relating to people ‘not like them’ and recognise how their style upsets them
  • Value the differences with others and have strategies to adapt their communication style to build more productive relationships
  • Be able to describe the unique contribution that they and others bring to a team
  • Have increased their employability skills

Our Building self-belief programme for a maximum of 12 young people consists of:

  • 121s at the beginning and end of each course with each participant
  • 6-8 workshops of 2 or 3hrs per workshop (our schools programme can be offered in 1hr slots of preferable)

Each participant is given the opportunity to complete their own personality profile which describes them, lists their strengths and development areas and gives them key points to improve their communication. This profile is used as a tool throughout our workshops to increase their self-awareness and self-management skills.

As a partner you will need to:

  • Read and sign our Terms and Conditions for workshop supply (including providing your safeguarding policy and risk assessment)
  • Ensure consent forms (provided by TCWF) are completed prior to the first workshop
  • Complete our personality profile (so you understand what level of understanding is required from your young people to complete this activity and identify what support they might need).
  • Provide a room for the workshops (this needs to have space so that the young people can move around for our activities)
  • Meet and greet the course deliverer and sign off on our risk check list at the beginning of each workshop 07305336331


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